Florida, United States, 9th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Many years ago, there was a Zoo near a NASA Space Station at Cape Canaveral where the animals lived in cages and had little room to roam. The animals were sad. The animals could only communicate amongst themselves,  living a lonely life with no interaction with other animals.  The food was horrific and tasteless coming from tin cans some past their expiration dates. The poor animals were miserable and lacked the privacy they dreamed of, having the Zookeepers interrupting their sleep and gawking at them with their big eyes. Some Zookeepers even had two sets of eyes which was scary for the animals.

One beautiful sunny day, a loud alarm sounded off to evacuate the zoo. The animals overheard a news alert about an asteroid headed straight for the zoo! The zoo was in a panic as visitors and zookeepers ran for their lives frantically. What were the poor, abandoned animals to do? They were petrified.

Sam, the Lion Leader with a full golden mane and an incredible roar, steps into action and tells the animals they need to develop a plan to escape the asteroid. Arthur a wise old monkey replies, “Remember everyone, I have a cousin named “Franco” who is on the space station and trained to be a spaceship pilot. We need to contact Franco.” Arthur sees a Zookeeper running in the distance and catches up to him taking his cell phone from his back pocket. Arthur runs away from the Zookeeper fast and calls his famous cousin Captain Franco.

In a short time, Captain Franco, the Space Monkey, arrives at the Zoo and helps break out all the animals. It was just like Noah’s Ark as they escaped calmly. The animals  followed Captain Franco to the Spaceship Flyark, where they saw the asteroid fast approaching them . Sam, the lion, tells Franco he must fly them out of the way in the big, round shiny silver spaceship before the asteroid hits the Zoo and kills them all. It’s the only and fastest solution. The animals quickly board the spaceship. The animals are cool and collected.

Once onboard, Captain Franco is about to fire up the spaceship, but he remembers that Flyark is still in testing mode. Captain Franco has never flown Flyark into space before because they were still working on the technology that would help to keep human bodies in perfect shape and balance even though it would travel at triple G-force speed.

The Flyark fires up and enters the darkness of the atmosphere. They could see the asteroid heading  straight for the Zoo and straight for them. The ship then shifts into Triple G-force gear at the last minute, and they miss crashing right into the asteroid. Suddenly, the main cabin lights go out and the animals were scared and nervous in Flyark. Precedingly, lights on the control panel start flashing on and off, a siren goes off, and laser beams zap all around the cabin. The animals huddle and lie close to the floor. When things finally settle down, the animals are still sitting in the darkness; they get tossed around and feel dizzy from the near-miss from the asteroid. Miraculously the animals survive this horrific experience, and everything seems fine. Dancingly the animals celebrate that they made it. (That is until the lights come back on). “Oh My”, says Sam as he looks around. What has happened to them?

What did the animals and Sam see? The animals go into panic mode as their bodies have been fragmented with other animals’ bodies. They looked like a puzzle thrown on the floor just landing everywhere. The lions now have eagle bodies, and the monkeys have penguin bodies. The giraffe is now mixed with a pelican. All the animal’s bodies were split and rearranged. How can they possibly get back to normal again and how did this happen?

In the meantime, the Flyark travelled so fast that they were headed to an unknown planet. Captain Franco and Sam realize that they’re fast approaching the planet, and if they don’t get control of the ship, they’ll crash. The animals quickly figure out how to work together to use the advantages of each of their new unknown bodies to help land safely. In a few tense moments, by guiding each other and with the help of Captain Franco at the controls, they’re able to land on this new planet safely.

Upon arrival at the planet, they discover it’s a Utopia of all their natural habitats. Fruit trees are growing everywhere, fields where they can run and feed, and a stream with fresh, clear, blue water running down the mountain.

A herd of Banaduks greeted them. Their leader Jesduk tells them that they have inhabited the planet for quite a while. And that he led them from an evil duck farm on another planet. The Banaduks are ecstatic to meet all the new arrivals.

The only slight difference from planet earth is that this new planet is square and has six sides, each side having a unique, different colored sky with their own bright suns. The animals are ecstatic; it’s everything the zoo animals always dreamed of; except they’re still switched up in their bodies. Their new home is perfect, but they are not. They can’t live like this! That’s when one of the animals reminds them of how they had all worked together landing the spaceship.

Through teamwork, compromise, and a lot of laughter, with their new bodies, they decide to work together. They become even better friends in this new land, which they call Douban, the animals call themselves the Doubnimals.Here they are  free and have everything they need, even if they are not in their original bodies.

When they settle on  Douban, they decide to split into six groups and spread themselves out, settling on all sides of the new planet. Each side elects its own leaders. The leaders then vote on a King to rule the entire planet, no other than Sam.

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