Vienna, Austria, 21st Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, WEB3land, a new world order that connects to a decentralized multiplayer Metaverse in the ever-expanding crypto galaxy has received Coinbase recognition within 24-hours of the Coinmarketcap listing. The native token got listed on Coinmarketcap and within 24-hours, the ticker was recognized by the Coinbase exchange. 

With virtual reality experiences of a sustainable economy built on NFT deeds in a world under user’s control where the user can be who they want to be and live how they want to live without any restrictions, all while focusing on complete decentralization of WEB 3.0.

For the past 20 years, the internet has been marching toward a brighter, greater future, but most attempts—social media, for example, or the gig economy, to name a few—have achieved the exact opposite, extracting billions of dollars of value from digital users. Users’ interests were misaligned for startups and enterprises targeting better shareholder profit. The key to building a Metaverse is to understand the Incentive Paradox. A new economic contract between digital users is needed, one that permits service providers to survive while also giving consumers full digital ownership and control. Fortunately, blockchain technology and the decentralized economy have made this possible. This sparked Web3Land the idea of creating a new Earth free of the aforementioned problems. A new digital Earth with digital Lands has been created.

Web3land is a futuristic notion for second earth; a metaverse where real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correspond to user-generated digital virtual settings. These surroundings can be owned, purchased, and sold, as well as deeply altered in the near future. Web3Land is an NFT-based digital reproduction of Earth that allows users to mint, buy, and sell 10x10m virtual land tiles. This enables them to join Web3Land’s economy and become citizens. If they want to sell or acquire pre-owned tiles of NFT land, landowners can meet in a Marketplace. Users will be able to log into and, after registering, will be able to view the Map, where they can purchase any free tile up to 1000 tiles at a time if their wallet is linked to Web3Land. The tiles were created with Mapbox’s tiling service, which converts geospatial data into vector tiles, updates maps in real-time as data changes, and provides a regionally redundant, high-throughput, low-latency caching network for scale in any geography.

There are two main types:

Inner Skins

These skins will change how the NFT is viewed, for example, Inner Skins can change landmark NFTS appearance from 2D to 3D. This requires specific work by the designer – work that has value – meaning that Inner Skins are inherently more valuable than Outer Skins.

Outer Skins

Virtually there is no limit to what kind or how many Outer Skins can be generated. This can be anything from a photo to a gallery, depending on what the Skin allows. This also requires engagement and upgrade from the landowner. All NFTS on Web3land will have a special feature when both Inner and Outer Skins are applied and completed, depending on the Skins attributes. This feature can range from writing a script on the “back” of the NFT, adding a picture to the script, or even a gallery – completing full customization of the item. The same applies to both Art and Land Class NFTS, with their respective restrictions.

What’s Unique About Web3Land

Web3Land aspires to be the start of the Earth’s fully immersive virtual reality, akin to “The Matrix” or “Ready Player One,” and Web3Land is ecstatic to embark on this adventure with everyone. The initiative will roll out phases over the next few months and years that will work toward this ultimate objective while also keeping the community engaged and involved from the start (as opposed to having to only wait for one final end product). Consider owning land in a bustling virtual New York, or even local shopping centers or the homes where users presently reside. Many people believe it is further away than it actually is.

The long-term goal for Web3Land is to give the land a greater meaning and utility, as well as to make the game experience more engaging by expanding the number of things users can do with it, such as building virtual structures and becoming a member of a growing community. We’re looking into a few options, including allowing users to rent or develop on their land. For the time being, the properties users own can be regarded as websites that are now accessible via web page!

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Company Name: Argo Media

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City: Vienna

Country: Austria


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