San Francisco, California, 11th November 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The digital marketing landscape has been shifting massively lately, forcing the need for the implementation and reimplementation of new strategies, technologies, and teams. Upvantic Agency. which brands itself as the digital marketing agency of tomorrow. has unveiled digital marketing services with a new approach to position its clients at the top of their niche. 

The need for robust digital marketing services 

While conventional digital marketing services often rely on outmoded methods, Upvantic Agency believes the current business environment calls for an entirely new approach to managing your company’s online presence. 

“The biggest difference between these two approaches is that traditional digital marketing services are very reactive-they wait for customers to come to them and then try to sell them something. This results in wasted time and effort that could otherwise be spent on more productive tasks.” says Christian Calin, the founder of Upvantic Agency 

“By contrast. Upvantic’s revolutionary approaches study, analyze and predict the customers needs and position you in front of them. Not only does this strategy make it easier for businesses to reach their target audiences at scale with minimum effort required, but it also enables unprecedented levels of personalization by providing tailored recommendations based on each customer’s unique needs.” 

Internet usage statistics trends towards social and mobile 

An in-depth analysis of the Internet usage statistics by research firm ComScore. which Business Insider reported, shows that consumers spend more time on mobile devices and less time on desktop computers. 

The report notes that people spend an average of 34 minutes each day using social media apps like Facebook or Instagram on their phones. 

This is almost double the amount of time they spent per day in 2011 (19 minutes). As a result, they are also spending more time on mobile apps than in the past. 

The data points to the need for digital marketing strategies that combine a mix of the mobile-first approach, social media maturity, and content optimization.

The digital marketing landscape has been shifting massively

The advent of social media as a powerful marketing tool has made it possible to reach millions of potential customers. However, information overload and constant changes in consumer behavior make it challenging for businesses to stay relevant and competitive. 

Upvantic aims to solve this challenge with new approaches that help businesses boost their online presence. 

“We aim to create lasting impressions on your consumers. We take pride in our flexibility, and we recognize that every client has different needs when reaching out to their target audience and getting results. We want your company or organization to achieve success through new-era digital strategies like influencer marketing and content creation.” 

Shifting focus 

Most companies are focusing on digital marketing strategies to increase business growth. Digital marketing is promoting a company online with the help of search engines, social media platforms, and digital platforms. New agencies like Upvantic are challenging this traditional way of marketing a brand online. With the rapid advancement in technology and awareness among people, they are calling for new ways to promote your business online. 

“I think that the old age of digital marketing is over. It’s time for a revolution in digital marketing. You’re either part of it, or you’re not.” 

A one-channel strategy is no longer sustainable

In a world where the average consumer is bombarded with 1,000 marketing messages a day and media consumption has grown to an average of over five hours per day. people are seeking new ways to filter out all the noise. The result is what experts call “filter fatigue.” 

According to research by Forester. 74% of marketers agree that winning in today’s digital world requires an integrated approach. Only 8% believe their organization is excelling at delivering such strategies today. 

A one-channel strategy is no longer sustainable based on expert insights businesses who use multiple marketing channels and cross-promote them do better than those who do not (2x). They also have higher brand awareness across all channels (3x) and generate more leads (4x).

There’s a need for consistency and uniformity in the promotion

It is not just a matter of how to market a brand but also how to market it effectively. A marketing campaign planned carefully with a clear-cut strategy before implementation has a higher chance of success. 

“The best way to succeed in digital marketing is by having an experienced team working on it for you. Our vetted team has access to the latest trends and know exactly what works best for any given situation” says Christian Calin 

A marketing strategy, although aligned, needs to be tailored to each platform and content type

Without content. a business’ marketing efforts have a higher chance of failure. Experts agree that content must be tailored for each platform and content type. This means understanding each platform individually, what mass of users it has, what kind of content is well received, the format, etc. This is a very complex task and requires a very good understanding of each platform individually, as well as the big picture. 

There’s a need for high-level website optimization

While it’s true that the world is moving faster than imagined and everything has become more digitalized, it’s also true that certain things have not changed. For example, a business website needs to be optimized for search engines for people looking for a service the business offers to find out about it and contact them. 

This can only happen if the search engines know what they’re looking for- ensuring that all relevant keywords are included in the website content so they’ll appear when people search using those words on Google or other major search engines. 

It can be costly to hire and retain an entire digital marketing department

According to Mckinsey, companies find it difficult to retain all the digital marketing staff they need. “The opportunity is not large enough, and companies cannot afford it. There is a greater talent shortage and a lot more work for people who have done this kind of work for many years.” 

Companies are trying to compensate for this by using freelancers or agencies, but these options come with their costs and challenges.

If a company hires internet marketers, it will have to manage them and rake sure that they deliver on time and are working with its best interest in mind at all times. On top of that, hiring marketers can be expensive depending on how extensive their skill set is and what level of expertise they bring in terms of knowledge about the industry or business needs specifically. 

Upvantic Agency offers top services in every field

“Our Agency offers top services in every field; vetted professionals that are breathing digital marketing for over ten years. There are many solutions available to grow your business online. Upvantic Agency is one digital marketing agency that provides you with all those solutions. 

The company’s internet marketing services aim to give clients a new approach to ranking their website on top search engines such as Google and Bing. Their goal is to help businesses increase their visibility among users, thereby increasing their chances of being hired by customers or clients who need their services or products offered by them. 

Upvantic has an extensive professional team built to assist businesses in setting up a strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter, or Instagram so that people get connected instantly whenever they need something from them or want to know more about what they do. 

“Our team has experts in every field. An eCommerce specialist will take care of your online store, while if your business needs leads. you will be taken care of by someone who only deals with that. We believe one can’t be good at everything. so we have a specialist for every need you have – including content.” 

In the past. marketing was a pretty straightforward affair. A business would develop some ideas, execute them and see how they performed. If they didn’t work, they would try something else until they found something that did. 

Today, however, things have changed dramatically, and it’s increasingly complex to find someone who understands what needs to be done in today’s hyper-competitive world. This is large because most people working in agencies and even CMOs are outdated by the changes and needs of the market. 

Upvantic believes that a business exists to make a profit. so it doesn’t make sense for one cog to make a difference. Their service delivery model is a functional mechanism that starts with branding and positioning. pricing. website design + development, SEO services (search engine optimization), social media management. email marketing campaigns, and all paid promotion channels that need to go together like hand in glove & align with the needs and conversion margins of the business.

The future is personalized

The future of digital marketing is highly personalized. The latest report from Pew Research shows that most Americans now use social media as a key way to get information about news and politics. This has caused marketers to rethink their strategies in line with changing consumer behaviors and needs. 

Upvantic aims to take care of the backend and front end of businesses. Their teams handle the technical work behind a website and the content that attracts likes and creates awareness. from the copy the presentation of the offer, and the whole process up to the sale. 

About Upvantic Agency 

We are a team of experienced and passionate professionals committed to helping your business grow. We focus on creating results that take your business to new heights by leveraging the latest trends, technologies, and strategies. 

Our in-house team is made up of industry experts with years of experience in the digital marketing space. 

Our mission is to help businesses reach their full potential by providing them with innovative solutions that drive sales, increase brand visibility and improve customer satisfaction.

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