Houston, TX, 11th September 2021, ZEXPRWIRETo some he might seem erratic and out there. To others he seems to be a beacon of hope when it comes to business and overall challenging the norm. Small humble beginnings is what he says differentiates him from the majority. There is something from coming out of a neighborhood where everyone dreams small and showing that through hard work and perseverance there is a way out.

Growin up he was accustomed to being called a goofball or a troublemaker. “I just never really saw the point to some concepts and saw other ways that were simpler ways of doing it. “I don’t mean to reinvent the wheel or be a rebel, I just like to view things from a different perspective.” The biggest challenges that he faced were some limiting beliefs that others had bestowed upon him.

You are the 5 people that you surround yourself with

This is a mantra or quote that he says he still embodies to this day. Ideally if you hang around with people that have no drive and don’t dream big then your life will stay the way that it is. He also thanks his success by joining the Hospitality Industry where he said “ I just fell in love with the industry and the whole team aspect of it. One Team One Dream” is one thing that he used to tell his staff day in and day out. He fears it might have come out as irritating at times. But everyone has a crucial piece to play in any operation no matter the role. We are all working gears that keep this machine working. At the end of the day he also thanks this place for helping him develop a thick skin. Something that he would later take with him as he went on to pursue other ventures.

Small Business Focused

His current ventures are a personal blog that personally caters to small businesses owners and others alike that are in the beginning stage of their journey. The main reason that he went with this niche is to the grand influence that Pepperoni’s had on him. He says that the 6 years and some change that he was there left a huge imprint on him as they were a family owned business and were progressing to a franchising brand. Not to mention that he was there along their journey and he managed to climb the ranks with the company and become a Area Manager and help oversee three stores. He said that managing people is like having multiple children.

‘I learned to have patience for people and appreciate the role that everyone has in making a good product GREAT”

He mentioned that he received some solid advice from a man that he met in Florida. “Lead with an Iron Fist, and a soft heart” He embodies this now even to this day with the ventures that he is overseeing and operating. Alongside this blog he also took a Director Of Marketing Role over at EffulgentLeads. This company helps to cater to small businesses and others alike. They stand out from the competition due to their focus on customer service and making sure that no stone is left unturned. Unhappy with the service they will do it again till they get it right.

Challange’s & The Future

Let it be known that nothing in life comes easy. He says he is thankful for having people in his life that were there that sparked his curiosity for learning and pushed him to be his authentic self. His words of advice for anyone that feels trapped or stuck in whatever they’re doing in life. “No matter your situation or story it gets better. Sure this sounds cliche, but there have been points in my journey where I felt that everything was falling apart and the thing that kept me going was my mindset,being Positive is HUGE. Also straying from people that aren’t genuinely happy for you and your achievements.” Also one huge lesson that he learned that someone else bestowed upon him was that “Most people never leave their old friend group behind and stay in the bubble that they are accustomed to, and never explore the possibilities.” Hanging around like minded individuals is a huge thing when it comes down to chasing your dreams, he stated. If there is one thing that you take away for this he mentioned it should be this. Don’t be around people that belittle you or put you down. Surround yourself around people that want to see you succeed and be great.

As for the Future? He says the possibilities are endless and is just thankful to be where he is at now. He knows that this is not the end of the road and there is more to come. The one thing that keeps him going is the people that look up to him. He says that he wants to inspire them even more and hopes to inspire others along the way.

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