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Using ‘Cryptography’ and ‘Peer’ networking systems, a revolution was brought upon us by the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto in the form of Bitcoin. With time the underlying technology became popular, and various use cases have popped up based on the primary features like ‘Immutability’ and ‘Transparency.’ With both the ‘Bitcoin’ and the ‘Blockchain’ growing extraordinarily, we saw a change in the financial and technological standpoint. We saw an influx of the users to the cryptocurrency market as it combined the users across the globe to a single financial system with interchangeable currencies with each currency having a trust-based value in the use cases. This technology and a currency operating at a different plane of existence provided an opportunity to people of different geo locations or any barriers, to join together in a trustless ecosystem where everything is true, and no trust is required because to do a fraudulent activity you have to work 10 times more than to be an honest peer in this system.



With a powerful blockchain-based algorithm that creates a system, you don’t have to trust. It is scam proof, fraud-proof, and tamper-proof system that allows all the users to share the data transparently. With Ethereum, we have surety of more than a million nodes, which makes it one of the best-secured blockchains in the world.


With complete visualizations of the levels and ROI based on your direct and indirect levels, you can easily identify your rewards and returns from your own investment. This will help in investing wisely and more depending upon your expectations of the revenue and your knack for investing.


A single place for entry, analytics, levels, and all details that the user can see. Have all the analytics generated according to you, and check out all the transactions, earnings, rewards, and commission at a single place.  Control your holdings, increase investment, and plan out using an earning calculator directly from the Dashboard.


A decentralized contract that is also open-source, you can check or audit the code as well. It has already been audited by, one of the biggest Ethereum masternodes. With all transactions being recorded and publicly available, and automatically executed by the underlying code, we are completely autonomous and scam proof.


Easy sign up on the platform check your level and start with your first investment. Steps are guided and straightforward for easy on boarding and complete control of your investment.


Track your investment growth, hold and earn ROI’s and grow levels with time. Open Dashboard and get constant updates, analytics, and reporting.


Share your link to get your circle on board this ecosystem. Track your followers and their earnings, holdings and suggest people in your circle about the investment plans if you like.

HOW does it work?

Smart Contract

All transactions will be under the control of an Ethereum based smart contract without any control of any user or organization, completely decentralized. With every transaction, the Smart Contract will automatically increase the price by calculating through a specified formula, which can never be changed once live. All investments are stored in the contract itself and cannot be moved from there. By doing this, we ensure 100% liquidity always, and you can sell any time you want. Selling in large volumes may incur price lowering as well since the formula is created in such a way that decides the price based on volume in circulation.

Creating Profile & Investing

You can create your profile on our website and start using the dashboard calculator to analyse what you can earn if you hold the coins or how much you should buy for most benefit out of the investment. You can then load your Metamask wallet with ETH, and buy directly from our website and store it locally on your Metamask. Your ETH investments are stored in the Smart Contract. You will start receiving ROI on your investment with each growing person below your level. The more investment you make, the more amount you can earn through commissions, and there is no way of losing money because all the investment is stored in the Smart Contract.

Growth & Referral

You can hold your tokens for a longer period of time for it to grow and you to receive more ROI. It is much easier to gain more commission by directly referring people under your referral code available on the Dashboard. With each level added below you, the earnings get higher and more commission is accrued. You can also sell once the price has gone high enough for you to generate profit. Try to enter this at lower prices for the highest growth through price increase and referral commissions. Invest more at the lower stage to reap higher benefits at the upper levels after price growth.


Through Rewards

You can earn revenue on your stakes, but for that, you must have a minimum staking of $500. The rate of revenue is 0.1% daily recurring revenue.

Through Holding

By holding the tokens in your wallet for a longer period of time and referring more people to join will increase the number of tokens in circulation, which will increase the price of per token and grow the whole investment in the exponential powers of 2. This is the best method of earning maximum revenue, and by buying more, you are helping increase the price faster and reach the 1 Million tokens mark that increases the price.

Through Referral

Earning through referral is fast and efficient, but a little tricky to understand. You can have commissions from up to 10 Levels, but touching each level requires a specific amount of staking. Here are the rules of staking for referral bonus –

Level 1- 8 %( Minimum Staking Of $50 Value Token on Self Account)

Level 2- 4 %( Minimum Staking of $500 Value Token at Level 1)

Level 3- 2 %( Minimum Staking of $500 Value Token at Level 1)

Level 4- 1 %( Minimum Staking of $1000 Value Token at Level 1)

Level 5- 0.5 %( Minimum Staking of $1000 Value Token at Level 1)

Level 6 & 7- 0.5 %( Minimum Staking of $1500 Value Token at Level 1)

Level 8- 0.5 %( Minimum Staking of $2000 Value Token at Level 1)

Level 9- 1 %( Minimum Staking of $2000 Value Token at Level 1)

Level 10- 2 %( Minimum Staking of $2000 Value Token at Level 1)

To conclude if one is Holding DTT token for a longer period of time the price will eventually grow and by referring more and more people and making DTT community strong every one of the stakeholders in DTT ecosystem will be benefited.

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