Hollywood’s enduring relationship with mushrooms, encompassing both magical and medicinal facets, has surged to the forefront of cultural consciousness. Mycroboost is a company whose mission extends beyond product creation; it champions a holistic way of life that harmonizes personal health with the well-being of the planet. By fusing traditional wisdom with cutting-edge research, Mycroboost brings forth a holistic approach to wellness that resonates with individuals seeking to elevate their quality of life naturally.

USA – From the iconic mushroom dance scene in Fantasia to the compelling portrayal of Florence Hugh’s bad trip in movies like Midsommar, mushrooms have consistently woven their way into the fabric of La La Land’s artistic expression and celebrity culture. Mycroboost aims at standing at the forefront of the holistic wellness movement, fusing science and nature to create a transformative range of premium functional mushroom products.


In a recent wave of revelations, a constellation of renowned figures has stepped forward to share how mushrooms have profoundly enhanced their mental and physical well-being. Mycosboost has gathered a list of these renowned customers. Prince Harry candidly speaks of how mushrooms helped him manage his PTSD and “deal with the traumas and pains of the past”. Podcaster Joe Rogan consumes them daily in his coffee while integrating lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms, dubbing them as “rock-star mushrooms.”


Sarah Silverman chronicles her personal mushroom experiences in the acclaimed 2020 Netflix documentary “Have a Good Trip.” Björk weaves an entire album around the theme of mushrooms, adding another layer to her avant-garde musical repertoire. Wiz Khalifa, the rap sensation, unveils the launch of “Mistercap,” a pioneering psilocybin and mushroom wellness brand. Meghan Markle not only embraces mushroom lattes but also invests in a brand that champions their benefits. The popularity of HBO’s hit show “The Last of Us” has sparked widespread curiosity about the potential of the infamous fungus “cordyceps” to transform individuals into zombies (spoiler alert: it doesn’t).


As the United States grapples with a mounting mental health crisis exacerbated by factors such as the opioid epidemic, digital culture, and environmental concerns, mushrooms emerge as a beacon of hope. The pandemic’s toll on mental health underscores the urgency for innovative solutions. Notably, recent studies exploring psilocybin’s potential indicate remarkable promise in treating conditions like depression, PTSD, addiction, eating disorders, and anxiety. Celebrities, whose vulnerability to these issues mirrors the general population, are amplifying the transformative potential of magic mushrooms as a therapeutic tool.



The post-pandemic era has spurred a nationwide quest for natural avenues to fortify mental and physical health. This pursuit aligns with the historical use of medicinal mushrooms in traditional Chinese medicine. Scientific research now validates their antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting properties. Regular consumption of mushrooms has even been linked to a decreased risk of depression. Beyond mood enhancement, compounds found in mushrooms such as lion’s mane and cordyceps exhibit potential in delaying cognitive decline, resonating deeply with individuals concerned about brain health.


Mushrooms, cherished for their nutritional richness, serve as a compelling embodiment of holistic wellness—a principle that Hollywood ardently embraces. Celebrity endorsements of mushroom-based products, such as those offered by Moon Juice, showcase the industry’s sway. Demi Lovato’s testimony on mushrooms aiding her recovery from opioid addiction highlights their potential as tools to mitigate harmful behaviors. The entertainment industry’s influence extends beyond entertainment, as it encourages the adoption of health-conscious practices.


Robert Johnson, the visionary founder & CEO of Mycroboost—a premier functional mushroom company—offers unique insights into the burgeoning “mycomania.” Having played pivotal roles in the cannabis, hemp, and health product sectors, Johnson’s expertise has made him a sought-after thought leader. His pioneering work underscores the transformative potential of mushrooms for personal well-being and a harmonious relationship with the planet.


Talking about Mycroboost, Robert said: “At Mycroboost, we believe in harnessing the natural power of mushrooms to unlock the potential for holistic well-being. Our commitment to quality and innovation drives us to create premium functional mushroom products that empower individuals to embrace a healthier way of life. We envision a world where the magic of mushrooms elevates both personal health and our collective connection to the planet.”


Mycroboost, under Johnson’s guidance, crafts top-tier therapeutic mushroom products that empower individuals to embrace natural health and wellness. The company’s line of vegan mushroom softgels, gummies, and coffee exclusively feature certified organic fruiting body mushroom extracts, devoid of fillers. By combining scientific rigor and nature’s bounty, Mycroboost ushers in a new era of holistic health enhancement.


About Mycroboost:

Mycroboost is a pioneering premium functional mushroom company that creates high-quality therapeutic mushroom products, championing natural health and better living. The brand offers vegan mushroom softgels, gummies, and coffee, meticulously crafted from certified organic fruiting body mushroom extracts. With a steadfast commitment to scientific integrity, Mycroboost empowers individuals to embark on a transformative journey towards holistic wellness.


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