Perfect both on the outside and on the inside, Dwayne Johnson’s new Under Armor sneakers are the sneakers that everyone will ask you about in the gym.

“2021, we are going to go all out and tear down these damn walls.” Wise words from Dwayne Johnson , actor, fitness benchmark and, apparently, also a motivational coach . His official Instagram account, @therock, is a kind of online clinic in which the actor generously shares all the workouts that have made him the man with the most envied and desired body on the planet. Tremendously useful for those who have replaced the personal trainer with a smartphone .

Although looking like Dwayne Johnson is an arduous task with relative odds of success, there is a first step you can take to get a little closer to the Jumanji actor : Welcome to the Jungle , Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw and Baywatch: The Baywatch : copying the slippers with which he successfully completes his routines . Here’s a warning: they are so cool that you’re also going to want to wear them outside the four walls of your gym (or your living room, if you’re one of those who train at home).

In fluorine yellow and black, a color combination that won’t exactly go unnoticed when using each of the machines in your gym, we are talking about the new UA Project Rock 3 , the latest model that Dwayne Johnson has designed in collaboration with Under Armor for his joint line Breaking Barriers (breaking barriers, in Spanish). For the more discreet, don’t worry: you will also find them in dark blue and white.

However, Dwayne Johnson does not wear these shoes simply because they enter through his eyes. And no, not because he designed them himself with the Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. Due to its properties and its approach, the UA Project Rock 3 are, quite simply, the sneakers that every fitness guru should have in their sports wardrobe, especially if you are a weightlifting addict . And The Rock knows it.

With a woven upper that facilitates the adaptability of the shoe to both movements and the foot and its TriBase insole , which “maximizes contact with the ground, favors natural movement and provides flexibility”, the UA Project Rock 3 by Dwayne Johnson also They feature a HOVR midsole , Under Armor’s patented technology that helps eliminate impact with every step with “a zero-gravity feel” even with the heaviest lifts. Verdict? Once you put them on, you won’t want to take them off.