Paris, France, 12 Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, $COQ is a revolutionary project introducing a pure BNB reflective mechanism with an auto-claim feature, dynamic dividends, and taxation fully controlled by the community. The community can vote on the protocol’s dividends and taxation to boost their BNB rewards.

$COQ token is the first to let its holders vote to raise or lower the taxation and dividends rates to take advantage of the pool goals, market sentiment, or other events. To earn BNBs every hour and to vote, members are required to hold at least 1M $COQ tokens in their wallet.

$COQ is part of a new wave of Defi tokens popping up that integrates a Dynamic Reflection Token(DRT) mechanism designed to reward holders. These new tokens protect investors against manipulation from whales, ensuring an equitable ecosystem where everyone has a fair chance to bag rewards regardless of their wallet size. 

Several crypto communities have endorsed $COQ as the best lucrative and creative Reflection Token. Crypto supporters simply need to connect their wallets to purchase and HODL $COQ to get more BNB dividends forever. 

The CoqView dApp allows users to calculate and track their BNB reflections based on their $COQ token holdings and estimate the next payout in real-time.

How Does the Project Generate More BNB Rewards?

$COQ combines powerful trading mechanisms and DeFi protocols to produce BNB rewards aggressively and consistently. The production of BNB dividends is powered by various innovative strategies, including staking-lending (COQ-FARM), Internal Auto Trading Systems (COQ-ATS), and DEX Transactions (COQ-SWAP). 

The BNB production also stems from DEX and CEX pairing transactions on top-tier exchanges such as Binance,, KuCoin, and many more. Additionally, crypto and DeFi investors on the multi-functional platform receive aggressive BNB dividends from the project’s promotion on multiple social media platforms.

The project boasts a unique reward reflection model that guarantees holders passive income in BNB every time $COQ coins are bought, sold, or transferred. Users currently need to have 10M $COQ to be eligible for rewards, although the community can vote to raise or lower the tax and dividend rate at any time. The BNB returns are automatically sent to token holders’ wallets.

A Closer Look at the $COQ Tokenomics

$COQ deploys excellent reflective tokenomics aimed at creating a fast-growing community and empowering holders to become BNB-wealthy forever. 

A 15% tax is charged on all transactions, with 10% of the fees going directly to $COQ coin holders, allowing them to earn a passive income simply for HOLDling. 

Meanwhile, 1% of the transaction fees goes toward increasing $COQ liquidity, raising the token’s price floor to combat price fluctuations. 1% goes to the burn wallet, which removes a portion of tokens from circulation to stretch the supply and increase demand.

Furthermore, the $COQ project deploys an entirely fair method that protects against price manipulation by big-money investors. To this end, the protocol restricts $COQ token sell transactions to less than 0.1% of the total supply and charges an extra 2% tax on all non-buy transactions.

This strategy deters whales from dumping their coins during the start of the price discovery stage, ensuring $COQ can reach its full moonshot potential. It also counters swing trading and reduces arbitrage on sell transactions.

The anti-whale dumping mechanism goes a step further to protect investors by capping the maximum amount any wallet can hold to 1% of the total supply. An additional 2% from all trades goes into aggressive $COQ evangelization and community giveaways to generate hype around the project for the long haul.

The Upcoming $COQ NFT Collection

Besides creating the next generation of yield-producing contracts on BSC, the $COQ team plans to release a fascinating NFT collection and new tokens on the ETH blockchain. The NFT collection ties in beautifully into the $COQ ecosystem, offering crypto fans more options and an unforgettable experience.

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$COQ Token Representative:

Name: Sean Markell

Markell Email: [email protected]

Company Name: CoqView Technologies

Address: 94 Rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris, France

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