Cape Coral, FL, 10 Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The Betswamp team is developing an iGaming, peer-to-peer betting platform where Betswamp holders can earn validation points through staking on the platform, the benefits of becoming a validator include the opportunity to earn passively through setting events and markets for betting on the platform. A validator can set any market for betting as long as the result can be verified. This can include sports, political events, reality tv shows, gaming, and many other possibilities. The validator will earn more validation points to enhance the users’ reputation on the platform, they will also earn rewards from the pools of the markets they set. Betswamp can become a real catalyst in the leap for mass adoption through the gambling industry. 

The gambling industry has seen an increase in volume in recent years, accumulating over $460 billion per annum, it is no wonder the Betswamp team is looking to capitalize on the true potential of their fully decentralized platform. When people who enjoy gambling know about the benefits of the Betswamp platform they will come swarming into crypto. The benefits of Betswamp are clear to see, the peer-to-peer betting system eradicates any ‘house manipulation’, allows for holders to earn even if they do not want to bet by setting markets. The advantages Betswamp has through their decentralization is beyond what we are used to seeing from the regular gambling companies. Betswamp can offer lesser vig percentages, fair stakes, instant withdrawals, no KYC, no limits on betting, and potential utility for the NFT’s which will be integrated on the platform soon. The sky is the limit for Betswamp and what better industry to dive into than gambling and gaming.

An innovative, fully decentralized peer to peer betting platform:

The Betswamp platform is unlike any betting system the world has ever seen, the fully decentralized platform where you can stake bets with set markets hand-selected by the validators for people to bet on, once the market is set and can be verified the winners will be paid out. The instant withdrawals are very appealing while also the 2% vig when compared to the 10% vig, which is the standard for betting platforms, betting enthusiasts will immediately see the advantages of the Betswamp platform. Not only will it benefit the betters but the main goal of the Betswamp team is to benefit all holders and appeal to even the masses who don’t want to gamble, but would rather earn passively through setting events for the community to bet on. 

The no KYC is also very appealing to most users who may be restricted in their region, Betswamp aspires to provide the freedom of betting through their platform, no limits, max withdrawals, a gambler’s paradise. The Betswamp team has considered all variables with regards to the validator process which will ultimately determine the direction of the platform. The holders may only become validators through long-term staking of the $Bets token on the platform. If a validator sets a market for an event that is fixed or misled then the validator will be penalized validation points and will be deducted their rewards, although you can not stop it this will deter it from the source immediately. The Betswamp team values fairness for everybody, which is a significant flaw in the centralized gambling industry. When you look at the leading betting tokens on the crypto market, they are dwarf in comparison to the overall potential of the industry, they have barely scratched the surface by following the centralized approach whereas the Betswamp team intends to break the wheel. For now, the stakes for betting will be in BUSD as it is a stable currency, people can be assured the volatility of crypto does not affect their bet. The $Bets token will be integrated for betting at a later date. For now, it is all about the successful growth of the token and platform.

Very soon the Betswamp project will have its first utility in the form of an MVP of the platform which is a stripped-down version of the fully functional platform which will be developed within the next month. The MVP should be live within the next 48 to 72 hours so the community and investors as expected are very excited, the team is enthusiastic and the journey is just beginning. 

A successful presale and launch.

The $Bets token launched on Pancake swap on the 8th of November and recorded an ATH of $5.8 mil, with a holder count of over 600 investors and the marketing push is yet to begin, the only way is up for Betswamp. They hired a marketing team, Crypto Kid Finance, one of the top marketing agencies specializing in pioneering-traditional marketing, the team fully intends to utilize all resources to send Betswamp to a much higher market cap, this team is well versed and has the experience to maintain the exponential growth of Betswamp. They have outlined plans for the traditional marketing strategies that investors have become accustomed to in the BSC space. 

The marketing plan is in place and the wheels are in motion as of launch. Aside from these very effective marketing methods the team has outlined the bigger picture to target and conquer the gambling industry. The team plans to list Betswamp as the most prolific advertising outlet for betting in the world, the team have already networked to some agencies about partnering with Betswamp as a third party betting outlet, the Betswamp platform is offering better rates than any other betting platform on the market and eventually, the industry will start to take notice. 

The Betswamp team is very confident they can help to fix the flaws with this industry in a very unique way, through the perfect combination of decentralization and innovation in crypto. The other betting tokens on the market have not maximized the potential of the industry because they offer competition, where Betswamp will blow the industry-wide open with their system. The TG is active, the market cap is steady, minimal marketing carried out and a utility imminent the Betswamp team are looking to be the standard for betting tokens in crypto and further down the line become a household name in the gambling industry.

The true potential of Betswamp:

Betswamp could become the standard for betting tokens in crypto, when you compare the project concept and team to others in the space, investors will realize the true potential of Betswamp, with multiple distinctive advantages over the leading gambling platforms on the market, the Betswamp team fully intend to capitalize on the projects innovative system to provide the most user-friendly experience imaginable for the Betswamp platform. This team has been working tirelessly to deliver the utility of the project, the utility itself is the reason why Betswamp can sustain exponential growth over a long period and as previously mentioned other betting tokens, no matter the blockchain have barely scratched the surface of the clear potential of this industry. 

Gaming tokens have become the most sought after projects in crypto because of the volume in the industry, not only does the gaming aspects of Betswamp appeal to that market but with regards to the benefit of the betting platform and its appeal to the betters, this particular project will likely gain more traction than any other gambling-related token in crypto. The fully decentralized nature of the platform will catch the attention of the bigger investors who will see the true potential. Betswamp is looking to break the mold in terms of gambling, for everybody. Betswamp team has the intentions, aspirations, and drive to become the premium brand for betting in crypto. 

It’s time for mass adoption in crypto and Betswamp can help welcome the next wave of investors into the space. The investors are very excited to see the MVP of the platform and it should be close to completion, trusted validators are on board and the correct markets will be set from the offset. Betswamp can fix the flaws of the gambling industry and equal the playing field for the people who place the bets. The community is the house, they set the markets, they place the best and more importantly they win big and you can bet on that!

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