Emigrant, MT, 26th April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, All American Woodworks is proud to be a leader in the woodworking industry, providing its customers with the best quality materials and tools. This company is thrilled to announce its latest product offering, EcoPoxy. EcoPoxy is an environmentally friendly epoxy resin that can be used to make a variety of products, from furniture and sculptures to functional accessories and more. Perfect for woodworkers and lumberers, this product was created to make every job easier!

EcoPoxy is a two-part epoxy resin that is made with biodegradable, non-toxic, renewable resources. EcoPoxy can be used in combination with hardeners to produce a solid, long-lasting finish because it is completely odorless and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The best and safest epoxies are provided by EcoPoxy products for a variety of projects, including woodworking. This makes it a fantastic option for people who want a green alternative for their woodworking tasks. It is simple to use and may be used to make a range of goods that can be utilized both indoors and outside.

The most common use for EcoPoxy is to create custom furniture, such as tables, chairs, benches, and more. It’s also great for making sculptures, jewelry, and other decorative items. The resin is non-toxic and has a low odor, making it a safe choice for any home or workspace.

In addition to furniture and sculptures, EcoPoxy can also be used to make functional accessories such as cutting boards, trays, and more. The resin is also perfect for creating waterproof items, such as table tops and coasters. EcoPoxy is incredibly versatile and can be used to make a variety of products that are both visually appealing and durable.

EcoPoxy is available from All American Woodworks in both a premixed and a two-part kit. The premixed option is ready to use right out of the package and can be poured directly onto a surface for a smooth finish. The two-part kit includes a resin and a hardener that need to be mixed together before use. Both kits come with detailed instructions for use and safety precautions.

“We are excited to offer EcoPoxy to our customers and provide them with an eco-friendly option for their woodworking projects. Ecopoxy is an extremely versatile product that can be used for many different woodworking projects. With EcoPoxy, you can make everything from cutting boards to coffee tables to river tables. The options are limitless!” — Steve Sirois, the company’s founder.

Some of the most popular applications of EcoPoxy are:

  1. River Tables: A river table is a beautiful and unique piece of furniture that can be made by cutting a wooden slab in half and then using EcoPoxy resin to create a river-like effect in the middle. The resin can be colored and pigmented to create a beautiful shimmering look that perfectly complements the wood. Once the epoxy has cured, the woodworker can smooth out any rough edges and add a sealant to protect the wood. All American Woodworks suggests that those with an artistic mind can also use EcoPoxy to create intricate designs within the river table.
  2. Cutting Boards: Cutting boards made with EcoPoxy can be unique and stunning. Beautiful designs and patterns can be added by using different colors and pigments of EcoPoxy resin. The resin is food-safe and will create a long-lasting and durable cutting board. After the resin has cured, the surface of the board can be sanded to give it a smooth finish.
  3. Serving Trays: A wooden serving tray with an EcoPoxy resin inlay can create a beautiful and unique piece. Woodworkers can create unique designs and patterns with different colors and pigments of resin to match or contrast with the wooden base. Once the EcoPoxy has cured, the woodworker can sand the surface and edges of the tray and add a protective coat of finish.
  4. Wall Arts: EcoPoxy resin can be used to create unique and stunning pieces of wall art. By creating different layers of resin, woodworkers can add depth and dimension to their art pieces. Woodworkers can also mix EcoPoxy with pigments and other materials like dried flowers or glitter to create a beautiful abstract design. Adding wooden elements to the piece, like frames or wooden shapes, is also a great option.
  5. Coasters: EcoPoxy resin can be used to create beautiful and durable coasters. Woodworkers can use different molds to create various shapes and sizes to fit their needs. The resin can be pigmented to match the home decor and add a personalized touch. After the resin has cured, the woodworker can add a cork or felt base to protect surfaces from scratches.

All American Woodworks has provided valuable insight on the limitless possibilities of using EcoPoxy in woodworking projects. With its environmental sustainability and versatility, EcoPoxy is not only a preferred choice for woodworkers but also a responsible step towards a greener future. All American Woodworks is dedicated to creating superior wood products while minimizing their negative effects on the environment. By promoting the use of EcoPoxy in woodworking, the company hopes to inspire others to choose eco-friendly alternatives for their projects.

EcoPoxy is not just an eco-friendly product but also an incredibly versatile tool for woodworking projects. From river tables to wooden countertops, coasters to other woodworks, there’s no limit to what can be made with EcoPoxy. All American Woodworks strongly urges everyone to try out EcoPoxy in their next woodworking project for incredible and sustainable results.

Woodworkers and DIYers alike can purchase EcoPoxy from All American Woodworks for their projects. The company offers a wide range of EcoPoxy products in different volumes and packages to cater for any type of project. Their objective is to increase everyone’s access to and affordability of eco-friendly resources. So, contact All American Woodworks today to purchase EcoPoxy and see how it’ll help craft beautiful and sustainable pieces.

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