Istanbul, Turkey, 28 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Losing hair isn’t a fun experience. It’s hard to embrace something you don’t want to happen in the first place. When you lose your hair, it’s akin to losing a limb. While you can’t move it, you’ve cared for it your whole life. Whether you’re a man or woman, chances are you’ve invested a lot of money and time into your hair to get a desired look to look stylish or get an ideal partner.

Hair is vital to so many people’s lives, otherwise, you wouldn’t see so many people holding onto hair falling from their head. If it wasn’t so important, then there wouldn’t be a whole industry based on bringing people’s hair back to the way it was in people’s youth.

Imagine this. Spencer is a young man, and he’s taken care of his golden locks his whole life, shampooing, conditioning, combing, and brushing his whole life. He doesn’t have the most confidence in himself or his looks, but he does have confidence in the attractiveness of his hair. In his early twenties, Spencer woke up and went to the bathroom. He scratched his head and found a patch of his hair in his head.  

Luckily, Spencer has heard about Hair Transplants in Turkey. He decided where he’s going for hair restoration, but… 

Why Are So Many US Citizens Going To Turkey For Hair Transplants?

There are so many Americans and citizens from other countries coming to Turkey for medical tourism related to hair restoration. And there are many reasons why. Turkey has great prices, technology, doctors, a lot of choices, and a safety guarantee. Transplant clinics in Turkey are trusted around the world. Here’s a breakdown of why Turkey is great for hair grafts.


In general, Turkey has a lot of competition, and this leads to a lot of things, one being lower cost. We’ll go into more detail on the cost breakdown later, but Turkey is cheaper than most of the other countries. Turkey clinics are known for offering inclusive packages that provide housing and expert medical attention.


As mentioned before, competition also increases the number of technological advances and procedure accuracy. Turkey has the newest equipment in hair restoration, including Sapphire DHI for Fue hair transplant. 


Since Turkey is becoming the hub of hair transplants, more and more people are visiting which is giving the Doctors more experience. This means the doctors in Turkey are trustworthy and skilled. The increase in medical tourism will also mean more reviews on clinics, which means you’ll have a better understanding of the procedures, how they work, and where you’ll get the most quality treatment for the best cost!


Think about competition in industries in general. In industries where competition doesn’t exist (i.e. monopolies), companies can offer any kind of package that will best benefit their own business. But Clinics in Turkey, on the other hand, must offer the best packages since they’re in competition with one another.

Competition is great for every industry because it leads to higher standards and innovation. The same is true for the hair transplant in Turkey industry. Each clinic is fighting to offer competitive packages for medical tourists. The only thing is that they aren’t all offering the best quality and cost like Cosmedica Clinic.

Safety and Guarantee

Turkey’s Clinics, or at least the most trustworthy clinics in Turkey, are invested in by the Ministry of Health. A clinic that’s invested in is accredited, meaning they follow the national criteria. On top of that, clinics often offer lifetime warranties to stay competitive and ensure each client is provided only the best hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Packages Allow You To Relax While Restoring Hair

Something that you may not have thought about is relaxing while receiving hair treatment in Turkey. International travel can be stressful, all the way from the very thought to booking the hotel. Hair clinics in Turkey understand this, so they offer hair transplant packages to make it easier and more convenient. What can these packages include? We’re glad you asked. 

As a no-brainer, it will include the fue hair transplant. It can include a travel assistant, housing, and transportation in some cases.

We Want You To Focus On The Operation And Relaxing!

Packages often include everything convenient to you because we want you to focus on recovery and relaxation. You may not speak Turkish, so a clinic may provide an assistant to bring you from the airport to the clinic. If your assistant is driving you, then it’ll save you the hassle of hailing a taxi or catching a bus.

Housing is one of the more important aspects of hair transplant packages. People are often provided 4 to 5-star hotels, depending on the packages. This gives you the opportunity to rest before your final consultation with the doctor.

Hair Transplant Procedure Is Less Costly In Turkey

We mentioned earlier, Turkey has a lower cost than other countries famous for hair transplants. According to Bookimed, “the average cost for the hair transplant package in Turkey is $2,100, the minimum is $1,000, and the maximum is $4,300.” Compare this cost to countries like Germany, Spain, Mexico, and any other country you’ll see that Turkey has the best cost and quality assurance.

What Are The Newest Hair Restoration Techniques?

There are many forms of hair restoration. Some work and some don’t. Some products and methods promise incredible results at a really low price. The most important thing to consider when choosing an affordable price is that you will be paying for your desired result. This means that if you opt for a dirt-cheap treatment, then you’ll get results that match the cost. Here are two of the latest hair restoration techniques.

  • Laser Therapy: It’s a hair restoration solution that uses low-level lasers to stimulate hair growth. It does this by stimulating the hair with photons, which are then absorbed into the scalp. The absorbed photons encourage the weak cells to grow hair. It has been studied to increase hair growth and hair density, but the number of studies are low. 
  • Sapphire DHI: This method uses FUE (FollicularUnitExtraction), which is another way of saying transplanted hair. Basically, hair is manually removed from a patient’s donor area (back of the head or other area’s hair grow on the body) and implanted into the balding or thinning area.

Choose Cosmedica Clinic In Turkey For Sapphire DHI Treatment

For hair loss, there’s no better choice than Cosmedica Clinic in Turkey. They offer the most competitive and affordable price for high-quality hair transplant packages. The hair transplant cost is well worth it when you understand how great Sapphire DHI is. Sapphire DHI does the following:

  • Accurate Incisions: Sapphire is an exceptionally accurate tool that extracts hair to the ‘T.’
  • Grafts Are Protected: Your hair transplant operation grafts are protected by the Sapphire DHI. This increases the chances that you’ll have a successful procedure. In fact, protected grafts have led to a 99% success rate.
  • Fast Recovery: The accurate incisions and graft protection aid in your recovery. You’ll also have a lower infection risk, meaning you’ll be back to yourself in no time.

Choose Cosmedica Clinic because you know it’ll be worth it. We offer competitive hair transplant cost through hair transplant packages. The cost of it has never been more reasonable. You’ll receive a quality transplant with incredible grafts that are protected, giving you the best chance of a successful transplant. Pick us because we want to make your hair restoration a success more than you do!

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