Cape Coral, Florida, 25th Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE The Aether project is the first cryptocurrency of its kind, as the Aether team has the aspiration and actuation to send a satellite into orbit which will utilize other crypto projects’ blockchains to run nodes. The vision of the Aether team is to fulfill the human races’ true potential through the exploration of space. Step by step, with every launch or satellite sent into space, with developments in technology the Aether team fully intends to expand on this eternal dream of itinerant and conquering space. The Aether team already has vast experience in this industry and the investors and community its members are very informed on the proceedings in the roadmap of the project itself.

With a partnership with Arca Space, Aether helped with the testing of the Arca Space ecological propulsion “EcoRocket”. The plan for the “EcoRocket” launch is in plans for the early stages of November, which is the first step to launching the Aether cryptocurrency into space. The cryptocurrency itself has held a pretty stable floor at around a $2 million market cap. Moreover, the holder count is very impressive for a token in its infancy with such organic growth daily. With a modest market cap and a significant holder count of 4,984, it seems as though it is destined that Aether can only develop and increase from here. The hype and atmosphere of the Aether community are always growing, as the team nears its launch date of the “EcoRocket” in November.

A successful launch on Pancake Swap:

Aether was launched on the Binance Smart Chain in a very thriving demeanor for its investor community. With a large majority of projects on the BSC not willing to take the significant risks that are associated with their utility, the Aether team realized their true potential of the network and envisioned becoming a beacon of hope for the network since day one. Aether successfully launched on the 22nd of September and both the team and community have not looked back since.  The principal objective and goals of the Aether project revolve around space exploration and being the first to venture their cryptocurrency into orbit. The total supply of Aether is one billion; it is a relatively low total supply so investors can be reassured that this particular token can become a store value of $1 one day, which is very realistic considering the magnitude of the project and team. There is no minting function on the contract and the team can burn tokens as they see necessary in the future on certain milestones for their community. The team sporadically manually burns the token to keep the supply valuable – something that makes every investor happy as the supply decreases and the value of their Aether rises in return. The taxes of $ATH consist of 5% reflections to holders in $ATH, 2.5% to buyback, 3.5% to marketing, and 3% to a project wallet which will help cover the costs of the development of the project itself. Liquidity is locked on DxSale for one year and will be re-locked in due course, leaving the team the flexibility of exploring different chains in the future.

The Aether team:

Aether has a specialized team in the industry which are dedicated to pursuing their purpose by being transparent, genuine, and trustworthy – all of which are at the forefront of the entire team. Investors in Aether have full confidence and are rest assured that this team has their best interests at heart and the skillfulness of the team has impressed many of the investors to an ATH. The team is well versed in many areas of professionalism as they understand the true potential of cryptocurrency and how their goal of bridging the gap between science and crypto through space exploration cannot be achieved without true dedication to the cause. The team itself has plenty of experience in this industry and through their knowledge and experience have all built up the necessary connections to execute their plans flawlessly and more importantly efficaciously. The team is very passionate and consecrated to making Aether as big of a success as possible for all holders in due time. The team is made up of science professionals based around Germany and Romania. They communicate daily with the Aether community and investors on various platforms with constant updates. Additionally, the team is gearing up for the launch of the “EcoRocket” in November. The team is partially doxxed and the head of development is very proud to be associated with the Aether project and his identity is fully disclosed on their website. As previously mentioned the forefront of this project is full transparentness and the team understands the skepticism involved with crypto investors which is the reason why they persist, to be honest, but always focused on the mission. As a result, the team is a non-profit with innovation as the core value of developing cutting-edge technologies.

The “EcoRocket”:

The most affordable and clean orbital rocket ever designed in the history of mankind is due to this team. The “EcoRocket” has been designed around two main features; cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness and it is designed to launch commercial payloads starting with 2021. How the “EcoRocket” functions is very innovative, as the system works with the first two stages being both reusable and have implemented a water-based propulsion technology that generates water vapors through cold reaction. The expandable third stage uses conventional hot rocket propulsion and is ignited at high altitude, above the thick atmosphere. Both stages use high-efficiency aerospike engine technology. The whole rocket uses 86% water-based propellant while Arca already tested this technology at full scale. The “EcoRocket” will be sea-launched, directly from the sea surface, the first trials of testing were carried out on the Black Sea in July 2021. The whole program development cost in the region of €1,000,000 and the cost go launch being at roughly €400,000. The first orbital flight partnered with Aether should be really extraordinary and the excitement for the Aether team and investors builds every day as the project is reaching its penultimate goal in a very high-octane manner.

Aether: The next steps:

The Aether team is by no means stopping there, this team is very dedicated and primarily focused on space exploration to further develop the human race, although partnering with Arca Space for the “EcoRocket” launch is huge, it will not be the only project which the Aether team will focus on. Once Aether is in space this awe-inspiring team will not stop until their expectations of the projects are fulfilled. The team wants to launch the first crypto satellite into space. The satellite itself will be called Aether and it will be used by other crypto projects that have their own blockchain, to run nodes. For all nodes or projects running on Aether satellites, 60% will be used to further develop the Aether vision with 40% being burned.

The most technologically advanced crypto on the market!

As an overview of the Aether project it is blatantly clear that this team has high aspirations for space exploration, not only do the team have the means to provide these promises but they have also branched out and networked to develop the right partnerships to roll out all their plans. For a project in such infancy, the early stages of the Aether roadmap have been executed to perfection – but it is the medium and long-term goals which their investors should be most excited about. Aether is aiming to not only change the science of space exploration but is also setting the standard and is looking to become a benchmark with how people perceive cryptocurrency. This team is delving into the uncharted, however, it is because of the teams’ ability to thrive in an uncomfortable environment to why the Aether token itself is already flourishing – but they are only getting started as this mission is only beginning.

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